Why we need help finding classmates?

We are the keepers of the addresses -- not BMHS or the Alumni website which isn't affiliated with the school district.  Finding people every 4 or 5 years is difficult and time-consuming.  If you have an address or know how to find anyone on this list, please get it to us.  Every bit of information, hint or clue, helps.  Send an e-mail to:  info@bmhs1964.com Thanks!

Please Help the Committee Locate These Classmates:

Name in Parentheses is last known.

  1. Barbara Bryant Vance (was in Milwaukee for many years)
  2. Barbara Powers
  3. Barbara Robinson (Cook)
  4. Bonnie West
  5. Darlean Coleman Scott (widow of Larry Scott)
  6. Darrel W. Richardson
  7. David G. Bigsby
  8. Diane Berg (Gillham)
  9. Earl Taylor
  10. Eileen Olson (Burlingame)
  11. Gary Berg
  12. Gary Moore
  13. Helen North (Buckner)
  14. James White
  15. Janet Babcock
  16. Jeanine Jonas Purdy
  17. Judy Brown (Halbrook)
  18. Judy Eastman (Stone)
  19. Kathryn McDonough
  20. Marianne Eddy Urbin (husband James)
  21. Nels Swanson  
  22. Pamela Skallerud Middleton
  23. Patricia Sloniker (Wallace)
  24. Robert George
  25. Sandra Holcomb (Humphreys)
  26. Sharon Williams
  27. Shelly Steele
  28. Susan Gaetzman (Converse)
  29. Terrence Peach
  30. William J. Shephard